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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a prototype of a time & task management app. The app uses persuasive design and behavioral science to support busy people who want to regain control of their schedules. For this student project, completed my last of year of design school in 2018, I worked on the project's UX as well as the interfaces, creating a clickable prototype that put the principles of behavioral science into practice.

Designing for busy-ness

I've always been an eager audience for new time management tools. I'm a busy person. I like being busy. But what about when "busy" becomes "totally swamped"?

During my last semester of design school, I was balancing a heavy course load, multiple project deadlines, part-time work as a math tutor, and an all-consuming job search. I was also taking classes in persuasive design and behavioral economics. I wondered if there weren't a way I could apply what I was learning in class to to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed. As a final project, I prototyped an app called Carpe Diem, which uses the principles of persuasive design to address the time management challenges of a busy graduate student.

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Next Steps

I finished the prototype for this app in 2018 (so long ago!) and I still get excited about it. I'd love to bring it into testing and eventually development. There are so many interesting challenges—from designing an app uses persuasion to empower the user, to finding ways to integrate different calendars on different devices—that I continue to look forward to investigating with a team of interested designers.

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