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Design after the End of the World

In Design After the End of the World, artists and designers investigate climate change and environmental futures through the lens of speculative and critical design. I worked with my co-facilitator, John Jung, to share this class with as a partnership with LATITUDE's OpenEd program in 2019 (in-person) and 2020 (remote). in-person group in 2019. Our learnings from the 2019 class were shared at the 2020 American Library Association's Midwinter Meeting.

A New Lens for a Big Problem

Where traditional design attempts to solve problems, speculative design attempts to open our minds to new ways of thinking and being, to construct spaces for discussion, and to inspire imagination. Our reading group, Design After the End of the World: Speculative Design and Climate, explored the pressing issue of climate change through the lens of speculative design. Participants were encouraged to push their thinking through group discussions, field trips and design activities. The course also provided an opportunity for group members to look at design from a critical perspective and to question its utility in confronting a truly massive, “wicked” problem. 

Interested? Check out our reading list.

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